ViA Global Holdings

Welcome to the ViA Global Holdings group of companies.

The ViA Group holding entety is being started as a European payment industry provider in January 2016.

The headquarter has been in Zurich, Switzerland.

This web site will give you an overall picture of the ViA Group and its different companies as well as a lot of facts, reports and documents explaining what is so unique with the Business Model Innovation and the Financial Model innovation upon which the ViA Group is built upon.

ViA is an answer to global demand and it will open a channel to the large consumer populations in the world who are unbankable, give them a fair place in the e-society and give them a tool to make their day to day... in a better way!

During a normal day for any consumer in the world, we create a broad variety of transactions, everything from using the traditional coins and bills, but also the complimentary currencies that are being used more and more. ViA is all about handling any type of transaction, down to micro transactions via instant access, secure and fair, where also values are brought back as part of our Corporate Social Value program, which likely is also a unique model.

The original concept of the Business Model Innovation and the Revenue Model Innovation was first time presented in Dubai 1998/1999 at the first e-Government ment conference arranged by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Dubai Municipality. The roots to part of the ViA Concept originate from 1995 when e-lysium was created in the US.

The tradename and trademark ViA came to take shape and become registered 2004 / 2005

The ViA Model and its ViA Concept do not have any competitors only imitators, who try to copy a fraction of what the ViA Model stand for.

Don't forget to revisit this website, we are adding new content on a regular basis.

Fake ATM, fake POS terminals and Fake Card readers are one of the larger threats to successful use of safe CHIP & PIN card solutions around the world. The solution is now here, the founder of the group has successfully patented a solution Terminal Authenticity Verification, read more, click here.

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Investment Opportunity

There is today 2016 still possible to buy some shares in ViA Global Holdings AG.

Interested send us an email to: and we will send you more information. This is a global opportunity, unique chance to be part of a global success. if you like to read more about the Investment Opportunity, click here.

Please be advised that innovations we do describe here on this website or any other website within the ViA Global Holdings AG's group may have been filed as a patent application - PENDING PATENT and we encourage you to contact us to cooperate rather than to try to copy an excellent idea, after that patent has been granted, the cost can be very high if you have infringe on our patented rights.




Links within the ViA group

Welcome to visit our ePAY web site in Thailand




You can also visit our first web site, when it all started in Dubai, UAE back in 2005.

The new ViA Card web site is now up and running, also coming in multi languishes. Please use preferable CHROME or SAFARI as the web browser, to see the 3D effects.

ViACard Thailand

ViA Card (Thailand) Co Ltd has it main office in central Bangkok at Chidlom BTS station Maneeya Building.

Telephone: INT + 66 2 649 9000

The ViA Card (Thailand) entity has also a subsidiary: ePAY - Electronic Payment Network (Thailand) Co Ltd.

ePAY has for 11 years, 2005-2016 been the largest distributor of mobile phone top ups, emoney-refills, pre-paid internet, gaming and pre-paid international callings cards as well as TV channels.

You can also read more about e-Pay Thailand by visiting

ePAY Thailand

If you like to read more about ViA's unique multi purpose and multi service terminal solution for shops and corporations, with focus on SME and small shops, the ViA eBM Terminal, just follow this link:



ViA Returns Value & Wealth directly to the Consumers

One of the very unique features and 'new thinking' behind the ViA Model which has resulted in that the model and the ViA concept is truly a disruptive model based on disruptive thinking, is based on the fact that consumers will start to earn money and values based on that they are consumers.

Have you ever thought about the fact that what ever you do as a consumer actually has a large value - which you as a consumer never would get part of.

The ViA Model has as one of its feature a concept which will commercialize the data and facts you have agreed to share, never to give out who you are, but if so decided by you, you can be contacted through the provided ViA channels and when the brand pais for such services, the majority of the revenues goes back to you as the consumer.

Read more, click on the ViA Returns image here below.


ViA Returns