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The ViA Group and Partners

ViA Global Holdings AG and its founder Lars Olof Kanngard has for years built up unice business-links network where new projects has been developed and have been nurced, more as a incubator for projects.

The main partners are:


IDC Integration Direct Consultancy (

Spectrum Group Limited ( are one of the key partners in a pernership

International commodities Limited (



Later on in 2012 a long term supporter and shareholder of the ViA creation was also appointed as Ambassador, namely Iyad Almosawi, born in Iraq and operates out of UAE, Dubai the consultant company and IDC - Consultant which was established 2000. Mr. Iyad Almosawi is also a well reputed and recognized contemporary artist, please visit his online exhibition www.iyadalmosawi,com

ViA Global Holdings AG has a unique group of individual global doers as advisers and future board members, to mention a few of these individuals:.....

The ViA Global Holdings's group of companies has today 2012 its main focus and activity on the Thai market, where its operates its subsidiary ViA Card (Thailand) Co Ltd, also known as VCT. ViA Card (Thailand) Co Ltd will also become the country-model and serve as the center for educating country partners, their key-staff, our own ViA Agents, merchants and our own team members.


You can read more about e-PAY if you visit or also read about the background under

ViA Card Coroporate Video on Youtube







As the ViA concepts now start to make its way out to the market and innovations which has been developed during the creation of the ViA Model starts to be well protected with pending patents across the world, it is time to let others have a chance to use some of these innovations, so we can contribute to a more safe society with modern payment solutions.

One of the patented innovation, the ViA TAV (Terminal Authenticity Verification) is one of the innovations which can be used by any ATM provider or POS Device, EDC Device provider to prevent swimming and other type of attempt to manipulate transaction or to steal your identity or steal your card details, so that such criminal elements can make money from your card.

Mr. Leif Kvist Pedersen and the ViA Groups founder Mr. Lars Olof Kanngard has worked together from early 1980th and made successful deployment of public Voicemail services in the Danish telecom networks, when Fyns Telephone acquired a larger system solution from ESSELTE VOICE AB, which Mr. Kanngard at that time was the Managing Director for.
  Contact via email:

Mr. Leif Kvist Pedersen has now the mandate from ViA Global Holdings AG to identify suitable investor/s and start an exclusive European operation to marketing and sell licensees for the ViA TAV concept.

As the company starts to be formed, we will keep you informed here on this website.





ViA is a holistic Business Model and Financial Model Innovation made by 
        		Lars Olof Kanngard 2005
ViA is a holistic Business and Financial Model Innovation created 2005, by its innovator Lars Olof Kanngard