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ViA Global Assets is continuing the mission to propel the ViA Model and the ViA Concept into a global success, which was invented already 1998. ViA (Via Instant Access) is a unique business and revenue model innovation, supported by a state-of-the-art suite of proprietary, in-house developed systems and security solutions and came to have its first trademark as 'ViA' registered 2005. ViA offers an alternative payment and transaction clearing and settlement solution as a leading-edge and highly secure way of handling values of any kind, anywhere in the world . . . ViA a better way!

ViA is committed to family businesses, to consumers, to small enterprises and, last but not least, to unbanked consumers, giving them all a respected place in the new, cashless, e-Society.

100% Inclusion 0% Exclusion

The ViA Group are the original team who has contributed with solutions to make the future e-Society FREE-SAFE-FAIR.

OVER 100 COMPLETED INNOVATIONS and Security Solutons

ViA CAshier Solution and Bare Code Reader

SOLUTIONS to a Cashless future.

Global Doers! Some of us in the team has worked together for more than 30 years. Pioneered and spearheaded the IT and Telecom industry. We are among a very few in the world who has been involved and developed system and business solution already when there was only MTD and later NMT as a mobile standard in Sweden followed by GSM. We started the first free public e-Mail and 'chatting-room' already 1983 as a BBS solution followed by the creation of MiniVoice and Public Voicemail service centers.

Today 2017 our ViA Team is geared to take the ViA Model to global success, with its uniqe:

  • Business & Revenue Model Innovation
  • Instant Payment and Settelments
  • Open Value Added Service Ready
  • ViA Card smart-chip Ready
  • National e-Value Hub Solution
  • Open Value Added Service Solution
  • 100% Open Source Based Transaction Hub
  • Consumer Validation of ATM and POS
  • Micro e-commerce Ready
  • CRM for the smallest business
  • Datamining Ready

What We Do

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National e-Value Hub

Open Source Based system solution for Governments to maintain their Autonomous control of the new e-Economy in a cashless society.

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Futuristic Business Model Innovation which turns.....

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Open secure Multi-Function and Multi-Service POS Network.

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Security Solutions & Cyber Security

Patented security solution allowing consumers, the users to determinate if a POS device or ATM device or any other device is SAFE.

3-Party Open POS Cluster

ViA NET and its cluster of

VAS Portfolio

ViA has a portfolio of Value Added Services

ViA University

ViA possess unique experiences

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