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ViA DiG - The Department for Information Gathering

When the ViA concept was conceived back in 2004 and 2005 a tradition from its founder also become part of the basic structure of the new corporate infrastructure, which was created wit its own department for Information Gathering, short name as the DiG Department.

The DiG Department has been headed by Christine Badua as a distance operation to the ViA organization from her office in the Philippines.

The Dig Department keeps a day to day eye on all the payment industry market and all the reports which are produced and make from such facts her own assessments and prepare internal presentations and reports, which we keep in our own ViA Intranet.

During the years, these reports has become a huge source of facts and some of these facts, reports and assessments we will here share with anyone.


As we will make this content available, the list of these reports will be presented here:

DiG Report List
Consumers and card users in the world assessment report is based on both industry facts and numbers PLUS that the further has added the perspective that 'CONSUMERS' today in the
@-age do not look the same as traditional consumers has been defined and therefore we need to view potential consumers from a new perspective. just follow this link, click here to read more.
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Coming soon......







ViA is a holistic Business Model and Financial Model Innovation made by 
        		Lars Olof Kanngard 2005
ViA is a holistic Business and Financial Model Innovation created 2005, by its innovator Lars Olof Kanngard