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Introduction to consumers in the world made 2008

ViA and its management team has closely followed and invested into research material related the traditional card industry, which exceed 10 year.

During 2006 and 2007, at the time when the Business Model Innovation and the Revenue Model Innovation where created and finalized, we needed to identify key-values, factors well known and well documented in the traditional card industry, for the purpose of having references of what others have done and how they have performed.

This facts and report was compiled by: Christine Badua and Rishi Somaya. The Author: Lars Olof Kanngard.

All rights reserved ViA Global Holdings AG

Where ViA plans to pick up a largest market share from, is a new defined market segment, no one else ever has approached.

This document / web-page/es will give you a clear picture of how the ‘traditional’ market looks and a well assessed view of what we can expect of the future.

Have the banks run out of space

The reality is and the facts do points in the direction that the traditional card industry, has reached its roof. The number of card in circulation has increased but number of card users even disclaimed from an earlier study annual growth. Familiar with other documents produced by ViA, you may have come across our expression; Consumer Pyramid?

The consumer pyramid is built on the factual ground that ONLY 20% of the world population has access and are bankable and have an existing card. (Represented by the yellow top)

When we re-designed the way ‘normal’ people draw the map of who is a consumer, we did take in consideration that also younger people today do uses and will have a need to become part of the modern @-age (the it society) as well as that also older people do use IT related services in some degree, than the picture do look different. This is the way ViA has come to define the world:

2009 2010
Total Population 6,809,872,000 6,885,000,000
In the age of 15-65 4,207,000,000 4,255,000,000
Plus NetGen and older 8-15 & 65-70 1,002,000,000 1,031,000,000
Total calculated potential consumers in the world (A) 5,209,000,000 5,286,000,000

The total number of cards in circulation does not reflect the number of cardholders. The summary of card, claimed in circulation by the 6 largest brands comes 2009 to around 3.2 billion cards, and the average of card per card-holder is likely higher than the number we have used as our assumption (2009) 2.2 cards / cardholder, resulting in 1,360,000,000 (1.3 billion).

This result (20%) also correlates with established traditional-industry facts and norms.

The ViA way to look at the world need two adjustments, related both the age group and the emerging market.

In the table above, we have added the group 8 years to 15 year and 75 year to 80 years, who are an essential part of the new @-age population. Likely this group around 2014-2016 will make more online transactions than the ‘normal’ consumer age group.


The "@" 'at' age is an expression I as the Author started to use back in 2003 and 2004 when we started to look at where we have different users of modern services based on mobile phones and or Internet. The @-age is a general description of a new era a new period of time, the time, the era when we where able to start to communicate and share information at a global level, without boarder.

The Emerging Market

The Emerging Market has never been mentioned as an interesting market segment within the traditional card industry, at all, before 2008. It is only from 2008 the emerging market has been mentioned and the card brand has in a number of projects made pilot projects to see how to address services and seek opportunity to expand, the top of the pyramid down in the mid-tier.

So this is the way ViA has calculated the size of the emerging market:

2009 2010
Total calculated potential consumers in the world (A) 5,209,000,000 5,286,000,000
Deduction of calculated Cardholders in the world -1,362,000,000 -1,375,000,000
This the total Emerging market size 3,847,000,000 3,911,000,000
Consumer level in Emerging Market 30% 1,118,000,000 1,129,000,000

To only calculate with 30%, is extremely conservative. The mature consumer, who today is the Emerging Markets Consumer and need a card solution, likely is 60-70%, rather than 30%.

The result demonstrate the truth and confirms the fact that traditional market players are very narrow-sighted and has yet not even come close to have any solutions or services to offer the emerging market. The only trend we have seen, the last few years are attempt to reach the emerging market via new ‘medium’ such as the mobile phone.

These numbers also demonstrate that with only 30%, the potential and likely most needed segment which will become a TOTALLY NEW MARKET segment already 2015 will reach the size of traditional cardholders (75-80%).





ViA is a holistic Business Model and Financial Model Innovation made by 
        		Lars Olof Kanngard 2005
ViA is a holistic Business and Financial Model Innovation created 2005, by its innovator Lars Olof Kanngard